Helping Woman Reignite their careers and lives

Career, Leadership, and Life
Coaching Services

Helping Woman Reignite their careers and lives

Career, Leadership, and
Life Coaching Services

Expert Coaching Services for the Career-Oriented Women

It is normal to feel stuck in life once in a while. We all arrive at the crossroads with doubts and uncertainty on which path to take. Maybe you feel underutilized at work and can’t decide to leave or stay. Perhaps you want to make more of an impact or leave a legacy and don’t know how. Or, are you just not getting paid at the level of your peers? While things may seem hopeless, I can guarantee that you can redirect your life and achieve new heights through my career, leadership, and life coaching services at Career Redirected, LLC.

About Me

Hello, I’m Dr. Adesanya, a dentist and leadership coach for women looking to make bold career changes!

I started working early in my life and had many career changes along the way. I have been a teacher, researcher, dentist, strategic planner, and held leadership positions at the National Institute of Health before retiring. I also served in the military for three years and spent many more years pursuing higher education. I believe that we can reshape our path at any point in our careers and be as successful as we desire to be.

I help women figure out what’s next for them in their careers and lives. Most of my clients want change but either fear taking the next step, or don’t know where to begin. I am dedicated to helping women see that it’s never to late to start and they can reach their full potential to create an extraordinary life.

CareerRedirected, LLC

Inspired To Help Other Women

As a dentist, and a graduate of Coach U, an ICF Accredited Training Coaching Program (ATCP), the leading global provider of coach training programs, I’m committed to helping other mid-career and senior-level women maximize their growth potential, become effective leaders, and achieve work-life balance. I use my years of experience, training and skills to empower clients to find new levels of fulfillment and achieve the professional and personal goals they desire.

Why I Became a Career Coach

When I decided to take a step back from my work to focus on family, I had a difficult time adjusting to the changes. This is where I sought help from a life coach who guided me in finding the right balance between work and life. The coaching sessions helped me focus on myself as much as I attended to the needs of others, which ultimately allowed me to refocus on the next phase of my career. It was a powerful move as I quickly reentered the workforce and strategically moved to a high-level leadership position within the National Institutes of Health. I realized that many other women in leadership positions face the same challenges I had and that I could help other women struggling with difficult career and life decisions.

Connect With Me

I offer career and life coaching services to women in Washington D.C, Maryland, and Virginia. Virtual consultations and training through online platforms are also available to clients across the U.S., and worldwide. To schedule an appointment, get in touch with me today.