Wynnet, G

“This was my first experience working with a coach, and I was pleasantly surprised at the results Margo was able to work with me to achieve in about 1 1/2 months! While Margo has a very calm demeanor, she is very effective in pushing you to define and achieve your goals. Thanks to Margo, I have started my application for the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification; something that I have wanted to do but kept being deterred by the application process.  Unreservedly I would recommend Margo to be anyone's coach. Coach Margo rocks!”

G. Daniel-Challenger

“ Thank you, Margo, for offering the book club team career coaching sessions! I did not think that at 54 years of age, and loving what I do as much as I do, that I needed any career coaching… I decided why not, what did I have to lose. Of course, I did not know what I was really seeking. I began to search to see what I would like to see myself doing 5-10 years from now. I came up with a few ideas and decided I might need this coaching. When you sent me the initial coaching prep form, I knew I was going into deep waters. However, my problem was that I could not swim, so how was I going to chart these waters? As the initial session began, it was not long before I became fully aware that we were going to chart this course together and not being able to swim was actually a good thing for me. As my coach, you just did not focus on my professional goals but you seamlessly merged my professional, personal, relational and spiritual goals and thereby helped me to see myself as a whole person. Thank you for always pointing the way forward. With your coaching, we were able to tackle childhood dreams. You challenged me to give myself permission to think, to dream and to plan. Essentially, I feel that you gave me canvas on which to paint my dreams. And I did dream. I did paint. Thank you for the freedom to do so. I have since made contact with a mission team that does work in Uganda, Togo, Ghana and Nigeria. […] I have decided to begin by sewing into their ministry and join their training team called Adonai Partners. We will continue to pray and -seek God in the way forward”.

Audrey Nelson Salmon


“Margo, the tools you have given me have encouraged and supported my passion to do the work needed to succeed. Thank you for the time spent to help me find focus in my professional and personal life. You have left me with practical advice, and I look forward to embracing the choices that benefit me by my putting SELF first.”

Becky, H

“When I was in the process of negotiating a higher salary due to a job transition, I reached out to Dr. Adesanya for advice. I didn't want to accept the first offer nor risk the position by asking for too much. During our consultation, Dr. Adesanya showed genuine interest in helping me achieve the best possible outcome by asking thoughtful questions to clarify the nuances of my situation. Her sensible and practical advice helped me to identify what to consider and what to avoid during the negotiation process. She was friendly, easy to talk to and inspired confidence in me to pursue what I wanted. After my consultation with Dr. Adesanya, I came away feeling more confident and optimistic about the situation overall.”